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04 January 2009 @ 10:06 pm
DEUCE [two]: (tennis, andy roddick)  
Rated PG-13, features Andy Roddick & James Blake
Part Two
Love can be found in the most obscure places, maybe it's been right in front of your face the entire time. The story of Olivia Whitford and Andy Roddick ultimately has a happy ending but the road paved to it is anything but. Even if what you've been searching for isn't too far away, sometimes it takes a while for you to even see it.


Olivia walked into the cafeteria and saw him immediately, standing by the bagel table, a plate in his hand, his hat low. She walked to him and took the other half of the blueberry bagel from his plate. "Good Morning," she said, taking a bite.

"Morning." He replied, food still in his mouth.

She rolls her eyes. "Very attractive, Roddick."

"You stole my bagel."

She scoffed and gestured behind him, at the long table, stacked with bagels and dounghets and about 90 other different kinds of danish. "I think you'll survive."

"Hey, just because you're all the sudden the talk of the town doesn't mean you can berate those beneath you."

Olivia sighed, smiling, wondering why she even bothered with this man. "Please stop talking."

Andy laughed and pulled her to him, wrapping an arm around her shoulder. "I'm just glad you're going to finally be known as something more than the woman behind this great, great man."

"You wish."

"Don't you read the New York Post, Liv?" He asked, sitting the plate on the table, turning to face her with an incredibly serious expression. "You were lurking around practice yesterday. Not to mention when we went and got coffee the other day. We're busted."

"How unfortunate for us."

"If it makes you feel better, we're a 8.5 on the cuteness scale."

"Out of?"

"Ten. I think."

Olivia giggled, and wrapped an arm around his waist, pulling him away. "I need coffee." She said, motioning to the other side of the room where the beverage table was located. "Walk with me."

"What time is your match?" She asked, grabbing a cup.

"I think they're moving it to tonight."

"That should be fun."

He nodded, taking a sip from his orange juice. "I can't believe you're even still here."

"I know!" She replied, laughing. "I still can't get over it. I think I got about 2.5 hours of sleep last night, if that."

"Maria had the most sullen press conference last night. She was pissed."

"Jon mentioned it." Olivia sat in the chair next to the table, stirring her cup as Andy sat beside her. "He said she called me 'lucky.'"

"Let's be honest."

"Ugh, whatever. I busted my ass of to win that damn thing. Which only means my luck's out, I'm completely getting my head handed to me tomorrow."

"Ehh, wouldn't be so bad. Not a bad tournament when you take the defending champ out. Especially here."

"You're right. I just don't want to be known JUST as that. I want a few more wins."

"So do it." Andy replied, reaching into his pocket, grabbing his phone. It was vibrating and he groaned once he saw the caller ID. "It's too early for this shit."


He nodded, flipping the phone open. "I hate you so much."

A few minutes later, Olivia zipped up her jacket and kept her hands in the pockets as they walked to the practice courts. "Think of it this way, all this practice, and you're SURE to beat Federer."

Andy chuckled and looked away from her, shrugging his shoulders. "Hope so."

"That's the spirit."

The pair stopped in front of the arena doors and he smiled. "Thanks for walking me."

"Sure. So, I have a phone interview with some lady from ESPN. Any tips?"

"Don't be a bitch."

"Uh-huh," she replied, nodding her head. "I'll be sure to.. not be.. that way."

Andy grinned as he opened the doors. "Are you going to lurk around at my match again tonight?"

"Maybe. I should fit you in before I become too important for you."

"Ah, it was nice knowing ya."

Olivia smiled. "Call me and let me know when it is."

"Will do."


It was only 6:30 and all Olivia really wanted to do was curl under her covers and hibernate for like, years. She couldn't remember the last time she was this tired especially after not even doing anything. Sure she had some interviews with ESPN and other local sports channels and newspapers. A popular sports broadcaster from her native Indianapolis had her on the phone for an hour, which she found really amusing because she kind of had a slight crush on him and he was really her favorite thing about the 11 o'clock news and she was sure she giggled far too much but eh. She hit some balls with Jon and geeked out over articles online with France, but really spent the day reaping the rewards of a career win doing absolutely nothing. Who knew, right?

She glanced at the clock beside her and sighed. Roddick's match was at 7:00, and she was trying to decide if she wanted to bother with the short 10-minute car ride to the courts. (Laziness was addicting, obviously.) Not to mention having to sit through the match.

Andy was one of her best friends on tour, for sure. They hung out a lot when they were able to play the same tournaments or when they were in the general vicinity of one another, and sometimes she'd crash one of the poker games he has with James and Mardy. He was a great guy and they had a similar sense of humor and she just got along amazingly with him.

But they were just friends, and it really amused the hell out of her that anyone thought it was more. She'd only been playing on the tour for a couple of years (right after graduating from Ohio State) and she always laughed at the rumors of a secret relationship between the two of them-- especially those that started before she even met him!

Olivia shook her head, snapping herself out of her reprieve. She didn't know how her thought process led to.. that.. but she glanced at the clock on the table beside her-- 6:41 -- and decided that she was really comfortable where she was at and she'd watch Roddick kick ass on the TV in front of her.

She grabbed her cell phone from beside her and flipped it open, preparing a new text message.

i'm 2 lazy to move but i think u'll be fine. don't pull a muller, mmkay?

She was trying to justify spending $5 for ice cream when her phone buzzed a reply:

awesome. i totally need that on my mind now, thx.

Olivia snickered and quickly texted back:

aren't u supposed to be all zen now anyway? why are u even reading this?

A few moments later:

if i lose, it's totally all ur fault.

i'll buy u a beer.

or a few hundred. i'm holding u 2 it.

even if u win?

eh. maybe just one. :D

She smiled and tossed the phone aside, deciding to leave him alone. John McEnroe and Ted Robinson were on the television discussing Andy's chances for another grand slam in the face of the almighty Roger Federer and she rolled her eyes because she was tired of that conversation already.

She'd already opened a pint of butter pecan ice cream (she'd hate herself for it later. five dollars!? really?) when the camera panned to the tunnel and the always awkward pre-match interviews began. She felt sorry for that Michael guy; because no one, herself included, really wanted a camera in their face when they were just trying to concentrate on winning a match. It had to be weird.

Olivia snorted when she saw Andy and was amused at this clipped, precise answers to the pretty standard questions. When he walked out of the tunnel finally onto the court, she watched as the crowd came to their feet and listened to the thunderous applause and wondered if it ever got old. There really was nothing cooler than that, was there?

New York always wanted one of their own to hoist the trophy at the end of the two weeks and it amazed her that they always pulled for Andy year after year even though he hadn't yet had the luxury (again) and thought about how that was easy to do. It's hard not to root for someone who works so hard and makes no excuses when he comes close and yet doesn't accomplish the goal.

She really hoped that this year, New York would get their wish, that he would finally be able to do it. 'Cause really she couldn't imagine anything better.

Roddick won the toss and was getting ready to serve. And so it begins.


Olivia stumbled through the darkness and was thankful for the light of the TV to guide her to the door and squinted when the light of the hallway hit her full force. "Whaa?" She mumbled to whomever awoke her from her dream of Jim Halpert. (Which was the best kind, naturally.)

"You fell asleep? You are such a bad friend."

She rubbed her eyes as Andy walked past her, flipping on the light switch along his way and she groaned. "Dude."

"It was awesome. Three sets. 6-2, 7-5, 6-0. I bagled him and you were asleep. You really owe me a beer now."

"I'm sorry!" Olivia replied, settling into her bed again. "Doing absolutely nothing is apparently incredibly tiring."

"I see that. Would you like me to leave at.. 9:30?" He asked, glancing at his watch with an amused smile.

"You did wrap that up fast, didn't you?"

"I told you! It was great."

Olivia had to smile at the enthused smile on his face. It was really.. well, cute actually. She shook her head and sighed. "Well. I have an early day tomorrow but I'll buy you a beer and celebrate your triumphant first-round win. I know those are rare for you these days."

"Ouch." Andy said, shaking his head sadly. "That hurts."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah." Olivia grabbed her bag and ushered him to the door. "Let's go and I have to be in bed in an hour. Seriously. I have a match tomorrow, yanno."

"Uh-huh, and I realize that you're a superstar and all but seeing as how I've been around the block a few times, let me give you some tips on how to avoid the letdown."

"Oh, thanks." She replied, smirking as she shut the door behind her. "I know you're the expert on that."

"Exactly. And you're welcome."

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